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MOD is still in the user testing phase of development and NOT currently available for download. We hope to have it available in the App Store and Google Play Store soon!

For security purposes (to protect both you and MOD), only one profile can be made per person.

On the login screen, there is a link to reset your password. Tap the link, enter your email address and you will be sent a code to reset your password.

Open the MOD app, tap Profile in the bottom right of the screen. Then tap Documents & Agreements to access your User Agreement, & e-sign Agreement. You can also find a copy of MOD’s agreements & privacy policy by visiting mod.cash.

With MOD open, tap the Advance icon at the bottom left of the home screen. From there you can select the Advance amount that’s available to you. If it’s your first time borrowing, then the $25 (Level 1) will be the only advance you can select. Once you’ve paid back your initial advance you will unlock $50 (Level 2). Keep borrowing and paying back your Advances to reach $400 (Level 5)!

In the MOD app, tap Profile in the bottom right of the home screen. Then tap Profile again and scroll until you see Employment Info. Just tap to update your information.

From MOD’s menu, tap My Profile. Tap your Email Address, change it to your preferred one, and tap Update. You’ll receive a verification code to your new email address. Come back to the app to enter your verification code to finish updating your email.

In the app you can link up to three bank accounts. However, only one linked account will be active during an Advance cycle. Meaning, whichever account you choose to receive your Advance will be the only account available to make payments on that Advance. When starting a new Advance cycle you can switch your preferred linked account, we’ll just have to do it for you! Just email us at [email protected] before requesting an advance.

A: Yes! You can can absolutely pay back your Advance early. Just go to Payments, and tap the Pay Now button.

Open MOD, and from the home screen, tap Payments at the bottom of the screen. You should then see your active advance information with Due Dates, Balance, and Transaction History.

Hey, life happens! If your payment was returned due to lack of funds, open the app and go to Payments, and tap the Pay Now button to retry. If your payment was returned due to an account closure, then we’ll have to update your account for you.

Yes, a late fee is charged after a missed payment. The late fee is 10% of what you borrowed, and it’s added to the total amount you owe. Any time you borrow, we’ll first give you all details about your due date and any fees.

We hate to see you go, but you can cancel your account by going to your Profile in MOD and scrolling to the bottom to choose Close My Account. You must also have a $0 balance (or have paid back your Advance) to close your account.

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